I’m Sheri Dyas Mellott and I am so thankful you are here!  Connecting with other women and inspiring them to become a better version of themselves is what brings me joy!

A little bit about me… I’m a mom of 3, a Navy wife of 24 years and a fierce baseball lover!  (Shameless plug… GO ANGELS!)  I studied Radio-TV-Film in college in Southern California and worked in the movie business in Hollywood at the agency that packaged “America’s Funniest Home Videos.” But after a couple of years, I knew beyond a doubt that I wanted to write movies so I went to graduate school in Boston to get my MFA in Creative Writing.  I went back to school to learn the art of storytelling… to become a better storyteller.  While half way through an intensive 2 ½ year program, I fell in love with a handsome Naval Aviator (ie cue the Top Gun movie soundtrack) and I put my dreams and goals on hold for the next 20 years to follow his career around the country and to raise our 3 beautiful children.

A little bit about how I got here… For so many years, I put my needs last and as a result, I’ve had seasons of feeling lost.  I spent my 30s raising my babies.   I spent my 40s buried in grief after losing several loved ones who had died. By the end of my 40s, I wondered who I was anymore? What happened to all of my goals and dreams and desires of what I wanted to create in my life? But shortly before my 50th birthday, I started my own makeup business and started trying new makeup looks.  Not only had I been in a mental rut for 20 years, but I had also been in a makeup rut. I found that changing little things like my lip color, my eyeshadow, my foundation all made me look better… made me feel better.

I started learning how to do video makeup tutorials to teach women how to do the same… how to get out of a makeup rut… how to use makeup with confidence so they could see beauty is ageless. I started talking about my journey, about how I lost decades by putting myself on hold.  I started connecting with other women about the all too common feeling that somewhere between our 40s and 50s we deal with feeling lost and unsure of who we are anymore.  Somehow many of us lose our way as we chase toddlers and careers and our dreams become a distant memory from our younger years.  I realized that my journey wasn’t that different from the journey my friends were experiencing.  So why weren’t we talking about the difficult things we’ve faced? Negative thoughts that have filled our minds? Tough seasons we have overcome?

A little bit about my blog…  My idea to start a blog was born as a way to reach more women with the hope of inspiring them and lifting them up via the written word.  As the daughter of a storyteller, I grew up learning that our stories matter. I grew up learning that it’s important to share who we are and what we’ve done because it connects us all as human beings.  Specifically, as a female, I believe our stories of growth and aging and resiliency are incredibly powerful.  Our stories become our narrative.  They become our guide in life… and in business.  I hope to inspire you to see that we choose our stories.  We choose which stories give us power.  We choose which stories give us inspiration.  We choose which stories give us strength.

I hope that you feel inspired here.  I hope that you start seeing yourself as a woman who deserves grace and love and respect.  I hope that you see that you can look at your life as a work in progress… that you are never too old to be fearless, to start something new, to start over again, to make a change, to refine yourself. I hope that you find ways to move past society’s pressure to be perfect since we all know there is no such thing.  I want you to find peace in who you are and to find ways to move out of self-doubt and grief and any other seasons of life that may be holding you back from being the best version of you possible!

So, tell me what inspires you!  I want to hear from you! Tell me the stories that hold you back… the seasons that you’ve overcome… the challenges you’ve faced or the ways you’ve made it through tough times!  I want to hear your thoughts, your comments, your stories! I love your feedback and sweet comments!  Please share your thoughts with me here!  You can also find me on Facebook or Instagram!  But hey, if you’re not a social media kinda gal, I get that!  You can also send me an email to say hi by visiting my “Contact Me” page!

xo~ Sheri

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